AZAR Magazine

Azar is an experimental collective project in the form of an art/photo zine published by Some Publishing Group.  For every issue, there will be a randomly-selected word which the contributors will "define" with images.  Azar represents the possibility of a particular outcome in an uncertain situation.

Azar Magazine is available online in digital format and print-on-demand.

Word for Azar_06 is INSTRUMENT.  Check out definitions here.

As a contributor, you are expected to submit a single image based on the selected word for the particular issue.  The image should be related in any way to the word itself, any of its dictionary definitions or your personal interpretation of it.

-Only photographic (analog or digital) will be accepted.  One image per person.  Please, send lo res jpg images (72 dpi).  If selected, you should be able to provide a hi res version of the image (300 dpi).

Send submissions to:

*Notice that submission does not guarantee inclusion in the magazine.  If your work is selected for publication, you will be contacted and requested to send the high resolution version of the image and any additional necessary information.*

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